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We’re a UK-based commercial property investment company founded on the belief that business can – and should – be a greater force for good. 

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The Resurgam story

The Resurgam story

The Resurgam story

The Resurgam story

The Resurgam Story


In 1666, Sir Christopher Wren was commissioned to rebuild St Paul’s Cathedral following its destruction in the Great Fire of London. Sir Christopher wanted to find a piece of stone suitable to mark the middle of the building.

One of his workers had discovered a piece of broken old gravestone that could easily have been discarded as rubble. They realised, however, that it had the word ‘Resurgam’ carved into it.

Resurgam, from the Latin, means ‘I will rise again.’ This led Sir Christopher to carve a large phoenix, sitting on the rescued Resurgam stone, to be placed above the south transept of the new cathedral, signifying new hope and confidence. This carving can still be seen today.
Fast forward to 2022 and Resurgam Asset Management is born, seeking to bring the same essence of ‘resurgam’ – to rise again – into today’s commercial property landscape.

The challenge facing our generation isn’t one of rebuilding after a city-wide disaster such as the Great Fire of London. Instead, it’s one of rethinking how we approach our built environment while we still have time to prevent an even greater, planet-wide disaster: global warming.

At Resurgam, we believe that a demolish-and-rebuild approach should not be Plan A. The environmental costs are far too great – losing the vast amounts of carbon captured in existing sites to landfill and expending the equivalent again by constructing new buildings from scratch.

Instead, we see a better way. By reimagining what we can do with existing commercial buildings, repurposing them to better meet present and future needs, and revitalising them with a new lease of life, we can help our buildings, our communities and our natural world rise again.
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An experienced team

Resurgam Asset Management is led by a small team with a proven track record of success in securing and repurposing commercial buildings.

Since 2013, through multiple special-purpose vehicles, the team has successfully acquired, project-managed and delivered more than 20 projects worth £110 million gross development value (GDV). This wealth of experience across the entire process means that Resurgam and its partners now benefit from the same expertise, energy and network.

Committed to a better way

We’re here to generate profit in a way that’s good for people and planet.


Our mission is to reimagine, repurpose and revitalise redundant office buildings to host proven and profitable business models in an environmentally friendly way.


With deep-rooted values, we’ll always do business in a way that’s sustainable, ethical, trustworthy and compassionate – without compromise.

Working towards B-Corp status

Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an equitable, inclusive and regenerative economy – accountable to the highest standards of governance, social and environmental performance. We are applying for Pending B Corp status to solidify our commitment to being a purpose-driven business that creates measurable benefits for all stakeholders.
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Resurgam Give

Our vision – to reimagine, repurpose and revitalise – doesn’t stop at giving redundant buildings a profitable, new lease of life. It’s for communities, too.

Across the UK, charities are at the forefront of community revitalisation – providing tens of thousands of social action projects to people in need. Many of these are run by volunteers, using spaces that aren’t fully fit for purpose.

Resurgam Give, our soon-to-launch charitable arm, will help this work to grow and flourish. Through this charity, we aim to reinvest 90% of Resurgam Asset Management’s net profits (after returns to investors) into charity community projects. 

Targeting charities that can demonstrate significant community engagement and impact, we will provide financial investment plus expertise of our trading and operating partners to help reimagine, repurpose and revitalise their spaces to better serve the local community.

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