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Our mission is to reimagine, repurpose and revitalise redundant commercial buildings to host proven and profitable business models in an environmentally friendly way.

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Our strategy for repurposing secondary commercial stock offers an attractive and timely investment opportunity. The UK property market is evolving and we have the vision, expertise and experience to capitalise.

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Resurgam Asset Management is led by a team with a proven track record of success in securing and repurposing commercial buildings.

Proven track record

Since 2013, the team has successfully acquired, project-managed and delivered more than 20 projects worth over £110 million gross development value (GDV).

Industry expertise

This wealth of experience across the entire process means that Resurgam and its partners now benefit from the same expertise, energy and network.

Ethical ethos

With deep-rooted values, we’ll always do business in a way that’s sustainable, ethical, trustworthy and compassionate – without compromise.

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We’re now seeking investment partners who share our vision and values. If you’d like to find out more about this timely investment opportunity, please get in touch.

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