Old buildings.
New life.

In a world that’s quick to abandon, tear down and replace old office buildings, we’re creating a better alternative for investors, people and planet.

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Who we are

We’re a UK-based commercial property investment company founded on the belief that business can – and should – be a greater force for good.

The Resurgam Story

What we do

We work with trading partners, on behalf of investors, to do three things.


A building may no longer be a thriving office space, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for something else. 

We take large, redundant commercial buildings that are in disrepair, don’t meet current environmental standards, or are at risk of being knocked down, and reimagine how they could better meet the needs of consumers and communities.


Construction is responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions – half of which are released when buildings are knocked down.

We save the wasteful carbon costs of demolishing and rebuilding, making buildings fit for a new purpose while reusing as much of their existing fabric as possible. Through thoughtful repurposing, our goal is to make each building commercially useful for another 50 years or more. 


When old buildings get a new lease of life, they can once again play their part in a vibrant local economy, bringing much-needed revitalisation and employment to towns and cities across the UK.

Our repurposing approach focuses on proven, profitable business models that meet growing needs of consumers and communities. Through our soon-to-launch charitable arm, Resurgam Give, we also aim to reinvest 90% of our net profits (after returns to investors) into community-based projects.

A big opportunity

For investors

Low risk.
High returns.
Fast growth.

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For vendors and landlords

Fair price.
Quick transaction.
Reliable team.

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For sustainability

Pressing problem.
Simple solution.

Our approach to repurposing commercial buildings is a win for people and planet.
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